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American Dream

POET: G. Yamazawa, Pages Matam, Clint Smith, and Roscoe Burnems PIECE: American Dream TOPICS DISCUSSED: Race and Ethncity SUMMARY: This poem redefines the American Dream through institutional discrimination faced by immigrants and people of color. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “Like [...]
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People You May Know

POET: Kevin Kantor PIECE: People You May Know TOPICS DISCUSSED: Deviance and Social Control SUMMARY: This poem is about male rape and the trauma relived by knowing who the rapist is. Also, the poem demonstrates how society contributes to shaming, [...]
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POET:Neil Hilborn PIECE: OCD TOPICS DISCUSSED: Health and Medicine SUMMARY: Neil Hilborn reveals what it is like to be a member of society with OCD, especially when it comes to relationships—and breakups. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion ““How can it be [...]
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