POET: Jared Singer
PIECE: A Letter to Sarah
Groups, Organization, and Interaction
Jared Singer laments the loss of a friend, wishing he could have gone back to the moment before she committed suicide.

Key Lines/Phrases

Key Line/Phrase

“ever since you killed yourself
it’s been like that for all of us
All of the time.”

Singer’s letter demonstrates the hurt, regret, and the wishful thinking after a friend has committed suicide. Singer clues the audience that her suicide can best be described as egoistic, if using Emile Durkheim’s typology. This piece reinforces Durkheim’s assertion that even suicide is not an individual act, but rather it is based on and individual’s connection with the group or society.

Full Transcript of Poem

A Letter to Sarah
Contemplating Super Powers

If I could regenerate any damage to my body,
I would double back flip belly flop
off the tallest building I could find.
I would make you watch.
Would not tell you it won’t kill me.
When my body hits the ground,
turns bone to dust,
when blood splatters across your face
there will be a moment
where your heart stops,
where the belly drops out of your everything.
I would calmly walk over to you and say
yeah, ever since you killed yourself
it’s been like that for all of us
All of the time.

If I could fly,
I would take you so high so fast
you would be terrified that wind resistance 
alone would rip you out of my arms.
Don’t worry.
I would hold onto you with a strength
born of fear and longing.
When your vision starts to go black
I will whisper-
If you’d only told us something was wrong
we could’ve held you
told you we loved you.
We could have helped.
I would stop,
as the oxygen floods back into your brain
everything would come into focus.
I would tell you yeah,
every day was like that with you,
you always made sure
we saw the glory in front of us.
If I could read people’s minds,
I would not invade your privacy.
Instead I would eavesdrop on every passerby.
tattoo my arms with all the compliments,
every wow she’s good looking,
every I wish I was that confident.
Meeting all of your ex-lovers
would turn my chest and back into a masterpiece.
Record every thing they should have told you
every how could I have ever let her get away,
every she was the best thing that ever happened to me.
My legs would turn into patchwork with hatch marks
for every time I wished you were still with me.
It would not take a full day
to cover this body with all of the nice things people
didn’t think you needed to hear.
If I could travel through time,
I would go back to the moment 
before it was too late.
Right before the moment you wrote a suicide note
that started Dear Jared:
I’m doing this now because I know you will be the one to find me
because of all of my friends I think you’re the one 
whose strong enough to take it.
What made you think I was strong enough to take this?
I would go back to the moment before you 
became the reason I don’t read letters
without having someone else proof read them first,
If I could project my thoughts in another’s heard,
even knowing it could never have saved you.
But believing maybe it could have saved me,
you would never have doubted,
even for an instant,
that you were loved.


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