POET:Sonya Renee
Health and Medicine
SUMMARY:An employee at Ann Taylor, overwhelmed by bill collectors and lack of fulfillment in her retail job, battles to maintain her composure while helping a rich customer. However, upon learning of the customer’s cancer, the employee discovers the importance of her role.

Key Lines/Phrases

Key Line/Phrase

“…thanks me for participating in this moment, where the mangled cells of disease don’t win”

Sonya Renee demonstrates a very unique aspect of health in this poem. “Delighted” reminds audiences of how certain health factors, in this case cancer, are highly stigmatized. The key moment is when the store customer thanks the employee for ‘participating.’ It is a really insightful acknowledgement of how roles provide safe-space for the customer experiencing a health crisis. Not to be missed in this poem are class issues, which Sonya Renee comedically introduces and brilliantly concludes.

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