POET: Joe Limer
PIECE: Education
Political Science professor challenges the business model employed in higher education.

Key Lines/Phrases

Key Line/Phrase

“We’ve become a fast-food conveyor belt of wikipedia knowledge, meaning we write papers but we say absolutely nothing.”

Prof. Joe Limer addresses the system of higher education through as model of economic slavery for students. He critiques for-profit colleges and the business model of education. There is also a ploy for students to be aware of their exploitation. This poem offers a great discussion for education through conflict theory.

Follow-up Resources/Discussions

Discussion/Follow-up Questions

Frontline:College Inc
(PBS Frontline investigation of for-profit colleges and universities)

Follow-up Sociology questions:

Artist Comments

This space is reserved for any comments the author of the piece may have about the points he was trying to get across and the background of why he wrote the poem.