POET:Rudy Francisco
PIECE: To the man standing on the corner holding a sign that said God Hates Faggots (Your God)
A homophobic sign serves as the catalyst for this poem. Rudy Francisco challenges people who use religion to reproduce homophobia.

Key Lines/Phrases

Key Line/Phrase

“Sooner or later you will realize that you are praying to your own shadow.
That you are standing in front of mirrors worshiping your own reflection.”

“Your God” offers a remarkable point of discussion for religion in the United States. As Rudy Francisco highlights the inequality reproduced in the name of religion, he demonstrates how religion operates as a social institution. This is a great poem for discussing not only the functionalist and constructionist theories of religion, but also conflict theory. Certainly, in-depth discussions with this poem center around the conservative movement in the United States.

Full Transcript of Poem

To the man standing on the corner holding a sign that said

God Hates Faggots 

I’ve never seen


Who it is that u paperclip your knees

Melt your hands together and pray to 

But I think I know what he’s like

I bet your God has a swastika inside of his throat

I bet his high school served racism in the cafeteria

And offered hate speech as a second language

I bet their logo was Strom Thurmand punching a gay man in the face
Your god has a mullet

He wears flannel shirts with no sleeves 

A fanny pac
And says words like getrdun 

Your god plays a banjo 

He watches fox news 

And voted for McCain 

Your God reads the koala 

And I bet he laughs 

As if his mouth was a confederate flag having a fist fight with the wind

When he’s pissed off 
I bet he cusses like an electric guitar with Tourettes plugged into an ocean 

And speaks like a Schizophrenic nail gun with far to many opinions 

I bet your god has racial slurs tattooed to the inside of his cheeks

Just to make intolerance more comfortable in his mouth

I bet he has a burning cross as a middle finger and Jim Crow underneath his nails

I bet your God would’ve made Eve without a mouth a voice box 

And taught her how to spread her legs like a magazine that she’ll never be pretty enough to be in 

Sooner or later 

You will realize 

That u are praying to your own shadow 

Standing in front of mirrors and worshipping your own reflection 

Your god stole my Gods identity and has been to purchase salvation on ebay

So next time u pray

Tell your God 

That my God

Is looking for him


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