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John Carlos and Tommie Smith

POET: Ant Black and Tarez Lemmons PIECE: John Carlos and Tommie Smith TOPICS DISCUSSED: Society and Culture SUMMARY: Recalling the raised fist protest in the 1968 Olympics. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “You won the races/ Just to beat the racists [...]
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An Open Letter to the 2017 National Poetry Slam Championship Team

Dear San Diego Slam, I am not the first, but I hope you will find my congratulations to be among the most heartfelt. You all have made yours and my dream come true. It's hardly conceivable that I can be […]

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The Passion of El Hulk Hogancito

I have an early memory of spoken word poetry, a clear audible and visual memory – Jay Perez of the Freedom Writers, eyes closed, one hand over his chest, the other stretched toward the sky, “GIVE BACK MY MOTHERLAND!” This […]

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Small Towns

POET: Ollie Schminkey and Wyatt Fleckenstein PIECE: Small Towns TOPICS DISCUSSED: Religion SUMMARY:This poem shows how people in religious people can often be more judgmental based off of their faith than loving - which is arguably a more important value [...]
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Rigged Game

POET: Dylan Garity PIECE: Rigged Game TOPICS DISCUSSED: Education SUMMARY: The impact of No Child Left Behind on English language learners Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “Improving a school by picking its pockets is like tuning a guitar by ripping off [...]
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Why is We Americans

POET: Amiri Baraka PIECE: Why is We Americans TOPICS DISCUSSED: Politics and Government SUMMARY: An articulation of the structural and cultural exploitation by the premiere voice of the Black Arts Movement. Key Lines and Discussion Key Lines/PhrasesDiscussion “Bu-de-daaaa Bu-de-daaaa Pu [...]
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Rekia Boyd

POET: Porsha Olayiwa PIECE: Rekia Boyd TOPICS DISCUSSED: Race and Ethnicity SUMMARY: The murder of Rekia Boyd by a police officer was met with relative absence by demonstrators, Porsha Olayiwa explores silence. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “I guess, No one [...]
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What’s Genocide

POET: Carlos Andrés Gómez PIECE: Education TOPICS DISCUSSED: Education SUMMARY: When we use censorship in education, it is not what we leave out, but who gets left out. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “your books leave out Emmett Till and Medgar [...]
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Wile E Coyote

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POET: Thadra Sheridan PIECE: Drunk TOPICS DISCUSSED: Groups, Organization, and Interaction SUMMARY: The ordinary and extraordinary consequences of alcohol abuse by loved ones. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “He did not heed this as a cautionary tale. He used it as [...]
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