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I am Nerd

POET:Omar Holmon PIECE: I am Nerd. TOPICS DISCUSSED: Society and Culture SUMMARY: This peace shows us that being labelled a “nerd” isn’t as derogatory as you may think. And that maybe we should embrace our geeky side. Key Lines/Phrases Key [...]
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Rudy Francisco and the Possibilities of Tonight

After spending the better part of four years studying, researching, and now writing about the impact of spoken word poetry in film and television, what has remained elusive is the presence of this style of poetry on network television. Tonight, […]

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An Open Letter to the 2017 National Poetry Slam Championship Team

Dear San Diego Slam, I am not the first, but I hope you will find my congratulations to be among the most heartfelt. You all have made yours and my dream come true. It's hardly conceivable that I can be […]

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The Passion of El Hulk Hogancito

I have an early memory of spoken word poetry, a clear audible and visual memory – Jay Perez of the Freedom Writers, eyes closed, one hand over his chest, the other stretched toward the sky, “GIVE BACK MY MOTHERLAND!” This […]

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