POET:Omar Holmon
PIECE: I am Nerd.
Society and Culture
This peace shows us that being labelled a “nerd” isn’t as derogatory as you may think. And that maybe we should embrace our geeky side.

Key Lines/Phrases

Key Line/Phrase

“The report cards looking like Duracell Batteries, triple A’s.”

The presenter of this poem shows us how our society stereotypes us for liking certain things and acting a certain way. And although those labels are supposed to be fueled with hate and negativity. It’s better to embrace it. We should show society that it’s okay if we fit the characteristics of that stereotype. Because, we are those labels and we are proud of them. Because those labels society puts on us, make us awesome!

Full Transcript of Poem

I heard
That they want to abolish the n-word.
But I am the n-word.
The n-word is me
Because I am he.
I am that nerd.
I am that nerd.
I am that nerd, that cool passed up in High School,
Left standing at the walls at dances snapping my fingers to the music asking ladies:
“Okay that’s cool.”
“Hell no!”
“Okay that’s cool.”
“I’m still good. I’m still good.”
I am that nerd.
That never scored that winning touch down for the team, but was an English class MVP.
The report cards looking like Duracell Batteries, triple A’s
Stand on top of my desk,
with 100% on my test
yelling out, “who won with me?”
I’m Oscar Wilde N out, Rob.
You can’t defrost me.
I’m Stone-cold Jane Austen out this bitch.
Make it James, Rejoyce
I am the fears led by tears.
I am the Elliot for Charles and Emily,
It reads get off my dickens, son!
I am that nerd.
It was I who was online twenty-five days, four hours, and five minutes. YES.
It was I who stood online waiting eighteen hours for Halo 3.
If Carrie Underwood were dating me,
there would be no car for her to key.
She’d have to sing while scratching my Xbox 360,
Taking a Louisville slugger to both controllers, while singing
“Maybe next time, he’ll think twice before he uses a cheat code on me.”
That nerd is me.
That nerd is me.
Therefore, I’m entitled to be that geek with the vast knowledge of
mangas, animes, and comic books,
Since these are the foundations of our culture:
Thus in the name of Harry Potter, Goku, Gohan,
Naruto, Rock Lee, Neiji, Optimus Prime, He-Man, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask,
Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats
But once 12 o’clock came,
It was all over when you heard Soul-Train.
You remember me from second period chemistry.
I’m that geek with no need for using a third eye;
I’m equipped with four eyes.
The pocket protector stays strapped,
What you need?
I got that.
I’m buying glow in the dark condoms because I got it like that.
Soon as my girl is on the bed,
I turn out the lights and bring out the light saber like
Voom yeah.
Obi Wan Kenobi all day.
So know,
That it is me who rocks different super hero shirts for everyday of the week.
It is I whose obsessed with green lanterns,
The space police.
We harass Jedis, while pulling over Autobots and Decepticons,
Cause this is training day in outer space.
And Voltron ain’t got shit on me.
The down crane of the game.
This is the Revenge of the Nerds,
In black Converse.
We got your internet soldiers and Myspace gangsters.
We got viruses, spam,
Adware, spyware, fucking up your hardware.
Keeping the pointer, left-click on the mouse,
When n00bs wanna start shit,
and we ask what set you rep and it better be that StarTrek.
Shout out to the Klingons in the back.
So hold on newbie,
How you let G check a geek when the geek check is me?
Live long and prosper bitches

In-depth Analysis

In the poem, “I am Nerd” by Omar Holmon, the idea of what it means to be a nerd is discussed. When we look at our society, the people who are given the stereotype of nerd, are often seen as weird, odd, or even strange. The term “nerd” is almost always used as a derogatory remark. From movies to everyday life, society often defines nerds in a negative way and makes those people feel like outsiders.

When listening to this piece, we hear Holmon show us how people who are given this stereotype, “NERD.” He shows us how they are seen in society. They are the ones who are prepared for classes by having notebooks, and pencils for every class. They are the ones who get straight A’s in all their classes. They are the ones who caught all the jokes about great literature in the poem. They are the ones who love pop culture like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Transformers. But they do not let “nerd” define them in a negative context.

Instead, Holmon shows us that nerds should embrace their nerd culture. The people who were picked on for being overachievers or who know all the words of their favorite cartoons, shouldn’t feel bad for being different. Just because they are not conforming to society’s views doesn’t make them bad. Instead, those people should embrace what makes them “nerdy.” That is the great thing about this poem. It supports taking such a negative term and making it positive.

One of the best lines in the poem is “The report cards looking like Duracell Batteries, triple A’s.” because it shows us how society views the people who are smart in school. Just because they are doing what they are supposed to, by doing well in school, they are then automatically labeled undesirably by others. And it may be because other kids aren’t as good at English or Math to make me jealous, but because of that, those kids are automatically stereotyped and seen as bad.

Although nerd is supposed to be a bad word, people should embrace their nerdy side. They should use the word nerd in a positive way. And that’s what the poem shows us. Use the word to fuel what makes you, well you. Go reread your favorite book series for the thousandth time. Go out and practice those hand gestures from your beloved anime. Go out and embrace your nerd culture. (by Kaitlyn Covey)

Follow-up Resources/Discussions

Discussion/Follow-up Questions

Follow-up Sociology questions:

  • What puns did he use in this poem to keep your attention?
  • What theory would you use to describe this poem, why?
  • How do you feel about the word “NERD”now? Would you still consider it a derogatory term?

Artist Comments

This space is reserved for any comments the author of the piece may have about the points he was trying to get across and the background of why he wrote the poem.