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Rekia Boyd

POET: Porsha Olayiwa PIECE: Rekia Boyd TOPICS DISCUSSED: Race and Ethnicity SUMMARY: The murder of Rekia Boyd by a police officer was met with relative absence by demonstrators, Porsha Olayiwa explores silence. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “I guess, No one [...]
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From Michelle Obama

POET: Imani Cezanne PIECE: From Michelle Obama TOPICS DISCUSSED: Politics and Government SUMMARY: Imani Cezanne, through a persona poem from Michelle Obama to her daughters, explains the historical, social, and personal significance of being “the first Black First Lady.” Key [...]
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POET: Katie Makkai PIECE: Pretty CATEGORIES DISCUSSED: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation SUMMARY: Kattie Makkai grapples with the concept of pretty and the toll it takes on her body. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “Not her fault. She, too, was raised [...]
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