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Rigged Game

POET: Dylan Garity PIECE: Rigged Game TOPICS DISCUSSED: Education SUMMARY: The impact of No Child Left Behind on English language learners Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “Improving a school by picking its pockets is like tuning a guitar by ripping off [...]
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Why is We Americans

POET: Amiri Baraka PIECE: Why is We Americans TOPICS DISCUSSED: Politics and Government SUMMARY: An articulation of the structural and cultural exploitation by the premiere voice of the Black Arts Movement. Key Lines and Discussion Key Lines/PhrasesDiscussion “Bu-de-daaaa Bu-de-daaaa Pu [...]
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The Hunger Games

POET: Imani Cezanne PIECE: The Hunger Games TOPICS DISCUSSED: Class Stratification Poverty SUMMARY: Imani paints a more real account of hunger games. At the intersection of race and class, she reexamines what it means to survive in poverty. Key Lines/Phrases [...]
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POET:Sonya Renee PIECE:Delighted TOPICS DISCUSSED: Health and Medicine SUMMARY:An employee at Ann Taylor, overwhelmed by bill collectors and lack of fulfillment in her retail job, battles to maintain her composure while helping a rich customer. However, upon learning of the [...]
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The Ugly Show

POET: Black Ice PIECE: The Ugly Show TOPICS DISCUSSED: Population, Urbanization, and Environment SUMMARY: Black Ice reflects on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Key Lines/Phrases Key Line/PhraseDiscussion “The 9th ward been the tissue
 That the city’s wipes his ass with” [...]
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Place Matters

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